Motorists in Farnham and Haslemere are to get a hole load of relief as roads in the towns are being resurfaced in Surrey’s biggest ever repair programme.

More than 100 roads are on the list with Surrey County Council investing £8.5million into the pothole repair and maintenance programme.

Farnham thoroughfares include West Street, Farnborough Road and Tilford Road while Killinghurst Lane, Hindhead Road and Petworth Road in Haslemere are also on the list.

The work will be carried out by the SCC Highways Team between now and August with 85 miles of the county’s busiest roads getting much-needed repairs.

A cost-effective road treatment technique that prolongs the life of the carriageway by more than a decade will be used according to Lucy Monie, SCC director of highways.

She said: “We understand that the state of our roads continues to be a source of frustration for our residents.

“The increasingly wet weather impacts our roads – which are some of the busiest in the country.

“This is why here in Surrey, we’re investing nearly £300m in repairing and improving Surrey’s roads and pavements by 2028.

“This year’s programme will be the biggest surface dressing programme ever undertaken in Surrey.”

The clean and dry roads will sprayed with a sticky tar-like substance which will be overlayed with stone chippings and then rolled over to embed the stones in the bitumen binder. Some stones will be loose on the road surface for about a week but passing cars should impact them into place.

The council believe sealing the road surface to keep out water will reduce deterioration of the road surface and prevent potholes from forming.

By resurfacing worn-out road surfaces this allows them to last longer therefore increasing the time before structural maintenance is required, making it a cost-effective approach for the council.