FARNHAM Repair Café will host a webinar for anyone interested in signing up as a volunteer repairer.

The session will take place via Zoom on Thursday, April 22, from 7pm to 8pm – chaired by Professor Martin Charter from the UCA’s Centre for Sustainable Design.

It comes as the repair cafe is set to relaunch in bigger premises at The Spire Church in South Street as soon as Covid restrictions allow.

Skills related to electrical, mechanical, clothing, bicycles and furniture are being sought, as well as people with skills in 3D printing.

The webinar will provide an introduction to Farnham Repair Café and provide experiences of repairers and other volunteers who are involved.

There will be two short presentations, and question and answer session that will designed to enable those interested in engaging with the cafe to learn more – either as volunteer, repairer or a future customer.

It has been organised by Farnham Repair Café in association with Farnham Herald, The Centre for Sustainable Design at the Business School for the Creative Industries at the University for the Creative Arts, The Lions Club of Farnham, The Hedgehogs Farnham and Farnham Round Table.

Farnham Repair Café was established in 2014 and became a charity in 2017.

It has organised 60 sessions in collaboration with Farnham Town Council and Spire Church.

The repair cafe has created significant impact since it was launched: attracting more than 3,000 attendees, 1,300 completed repairs, 66 per cent repair rate, four tonnes diverted from landfill resulting in 36 tonnes CO2 tonnes emission savings and finally savings citizen of Farnham over £105,000.

In addition, to its physical events, the repair cafe also provides a free advice service through Facebook and tool to calculate CO2 emission savings from repair that is freely available to other repair cafes and other interested parties.