A former sandwich shop owner in Farnham, Emma Williams, has launched a Community Interest Company for animals following the success of her Christmas pet food drive.

The drive was launched to help pet owners, shelters and charities struggling to feed pets in their care because of the cost of living crisis.

Thanks to generous donations from the public and businesses, Emma collected hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of items and 20 charities benefited.

Emma, the past owner of Stirling Sandwich Shop in Castle Street, said: “Because we got so much I could really see the demand and the need for what I was doing.

“We ended up distributing it to Romania, Ukraine, all of England, Scotland and Wales.

“I realised this is big and something that is really needed.”

Emma founded Full Tummies, a not-for-profit organisation that purchases and distributes food directly to fill the tummies of underprivileged dogs and cats.

Grandpa, Emma's future adoptee and mascot of Full Tummies.
Grandpa, Emma's future adoptee and mascot of Full Tummies (Emma Williams)

However, the organisation is reliant on donations from the public and businesses to be able to reach animals in need.

Emma added: “People still can’t afford to keep their animals so they are giving them up and the rescues are overflowing.

“They are not getting donations so they can’t feed their animals and more people are going to food banks for animal food because they haven’t got the money either.”

Emma has also been in contact with the Power of One charity which supports women in emerging markets committed to animal welfare and want to use Full Tummies to highlight women making a difference in the UK.

At present, Emma is waiting for confirmation to set up at local markets to raise money while seeking donations from the community and businesses such as animal wholesale suppliers.