Farnham Town will be selling the much-hyped soft drink Prime at their match next Tuesday night – and that fact has really caught on in the world of social media.

The drink - described by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay as 'like drinking perfume' - was highly sought after when it was launched, with some people admitting driving hundreds of miles to get a bottle, and others paying up to £20 for a taste, when the same drink can now be bought online for £1.99.

When Aldi starting selling the soft, sugary drink, customers queued for hours.

Farnham Town received a supply and said on social media they would be selling it at Tuesday's match against Redhill at The Memorial Ground - and would charge £2 a pop because they didn't want to take advantage of their supporters.

It immediately caught on and by this morning the Tweet had been viewed more than 900,000 times.

The Combined Counties Football League club stressed sales were limited to one per supporter, and that no bottles were left at their town-centre ground overnight - and that this was their own initiative, and were not an official partner of Prime.

One Twitter user filed: "This is a genius marketing idea as it will get extra fans buying tickets and buying food as well."

The match against Redhill kicks off at 7.45pm on Tuesday - and admission is £8 for adults (concessions £5).