Hand-knitted sheep peeped out of shop windows, climbed on notice boards and even nestled between carrots and crisp packets at Crossways Fruiterers as part of the Fernhurst Hub’s children’s Christmas events.

On a clear crisp morning, a group of eager children picked up sheep trail maps and set about locating the woolly sheep hiding around the village.

The hunt route led to St Margaret’s Church, where several sheep were found – the last one was cheekily perched on the font. Once they had spotted the sheep, the children marked down the relevant number on their trail map and returned their completed sheet to the hub.

All were rewarded with Christmas nativity books and a bag of chocolate coins.

There was a special prize of a chocolate teddy for the best name for the white woolly sheep found on the edge of the font. This was won by six-year-old Isabella Child, who named the sheep Little Bah Bah.

The season’s festivities at the hub started with a well-attended Christmas tea party for carers and hub social friends.

Lois Proud from Haslemere Museum gave a talk on the origins of Christmas traditions, exemplified by various exhibits she had brought with her including some strangely macabre Christmas card illustrations and detailed antique decorations.

The hub holds regular tea time meet ups on the first Friday of the month.

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