NEARLY 150 adults and children got their hands dirty on Saturday, July 15, at the Museum of Farnham’s Finding Farnham archaeology festival in Gostrey Meadow.

The event coincided with the nationwide Festival of British Archaeology - the largest celebration of archaeology in the world with hundreds of events nationwide - and gave people in Farnham a chance to get involved.

Throughout the course of the day there was fun for everyone, with visitors able to take part in many archaeological activities including excavation and meeting a prehistoric man.

Emma Sutcliffe, assistance curator at the Museum of Farnham said “The event was a great success, we had nearly 150 adults and children visit during the course of the day. Visitors really enjoyed being able to take part in an excavation and see a prehistoric flint knapper in action.”

The event is part of Finding Farnham, a community excavation which has been running since 2014.

Liz May, museum curator, added: “It gives the residents of Farnham the opportunity to learn more about archaeology on their own doorstep. The museum is very grateful to the Farnham Town Council Community Fund for their generous support of Finding Farnham.