EXCITED children at South Farnham School and Badshot Lea Village Infant School had a flipping good time when they competed in pancake races on Shrove Tuesday.

At South Farnham School, the traditional event gave every child in the school the chance to take part in a series of relay races.

Children were arranged into teams for the competition and had to flip their pancake at least twice as they ran.

Classes competed against each other, desperately trying not to drop their pancake while attempting to win first place for their year group.

A highly anticipated teachers’ race involved staff from all year groups competing against each other to deafening cheers of support from their classes.

PE co-ordinator and event organiser Emily Webster said: “As a school we love to be able to let the children have fun while taking part in something as exciting as a pancake race.

“This has been a huge success as it is every year. It is a key date in our school diary and an important British tradition that we all enjoy.”

At Badshot Lea Village Infant School, the Friends Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organised a sponsored pancake race to raise funds for the school. Children completed laps of the field while tossing their pancake and negotiating the obstacles.

Each class took it in turns to complete as many laps as possible in ten minutes while keeping their pancake safely balanced, with the record standing at 13 laps.

A school spokesman said: “The PTA work really hard raising much needed funds for our school and we are so grateful for all their hard work.

“Every child took part and had fun. There were lots of smiles and laughter. Another fun-filled afternoon at Badshot Lea.”