More than 2,500 home owners in Four Marks are the latest to benefit from a £20 million investment by telecoms company Gigaclear to take its faster full fibre broadband to under-served rural communities in Hampshire.

Engineering work has just begun that will see residents in the village begin to have access to full fibre broadband by the autumn. The work is due to be completed by spring 2024.

Delivery director Ben Woods said: “There are many great benefits to living in rural communities such as Four Marks but having access to the fastest broadband speeds is not always something people expect. People living in towns and cities, on average, enjoy much faster speeds than people in rural locations and Ofcom data shows this divide is growing.

“However, Gigaclear’s mission is to address this gap and bring full fibre faster speeds to residents in rural villages and towns so they’re able to work from home, stream online entertainment, scroll and gameplay just like everyone else.”

Gigaclear will use existing Openreach ducts and poles where possible in order to minimise disruption. For more details visit