Cancer & Pisces Trust is opening its third venue at Albury Estate Fishery near Guildford on Monday, May 13.

The charity educates and entertains cancer patients and carers by showing them how to fly-fish.

The idea started in January 2021 when fly fishing expert Marina Gibson and Mick May created the Cancer & Pisces trust at the Swinton Park Hotel in North Yorkshire. The duo created a fly-fishing experience for cancer patients and their carers.

Mick was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2013 which has an average life expectancy of 10 months. He was given an OBE for his outstanding work creating several charities. But the Cancer and Pisces trust was his calling as Mick’s love for fishing inspired him to write a memoir that shared the same name as the charity. He also delayed his first biopsy for a day on the river and he invited his surgeons to join him on a fishing trip.

Mick passed away in 2022 aged 63 but his love for fishing continues with the Cancer & Pisces Trust which aims to share Mick’s love for fishing with others who experience cancer.

The charity, Mick and Marina were featured on BBC2’s Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing in Series 4: Episode 5 where Bob Mortimer spoke to Mick about fishing and his cancer and Paul Whitehouse fished with Marina.

The pair opened the first venue in North Yorkshire and a second at Holbury Lakes Trout Fishery, near Romsey in Hampshire, last year and are now bringing their concept to Surrey.

Cancer & Pisces in Holbury
(Cancer & Pisces)