Clubs will finally be back home in The Edge next Monday. The return will be a significant boost to the future of wheelchair and disability sport in the borough.

Waverley Borough Council (WBC) has agreed an interim arrangement with Surrey County Council (SCC) to enable the facilities to reopen for community use for 12 months. 

It is hoped this will provide enough time for a permanent solution to be found. 

The Edge is the only facility for miles that is truly accessible. 

It currently supports two specific user groups: the Wheelchair Disabled Sports Team and the Cerebral Palsy Football Group. 

Without a local venue where they can safely participate in sport, both groups would most likely have to close.

Under the agreement, the Woolmer Hill Sports Association, which currently manages the outdoor sports pitches at the site, will also manage the facility, enabling local sports and community groups to use the sports hall from January 22.

A pilot return was held this Monday, which saw the Swallows Trampoline Club – one of the clubs worst hit by the closure – return to the sports hall and get jumping. 

Swallows Trampoline Club Team 2023
Swallows Trampoline Club Team 2023 (Swallows Trampoline Club)

Cllr Paul Follows, leader of WBC said: “We have put in place an interim solution because we know how important The Edge is to local sports teams, particularly disability groups that are unable to access other facilities. 

“Our investment will ensure people of all abilities are able to experience the physical and mental benefits of sport. 

“Once again, I’d like to thank the Woolmer Hill Sports Association for stepping up to enable sports groups to use the building while allowing further time to establish a long-term management plan.”

Cllr Tim Oliver, leader of SCC said: “I’m pleased that The Edge is reopening and that these much-valued local facilities are going to be available to some community groups once again. 

“Sport is vital for health and wellbeing, so we now need to work together and ensure The Edge has a viable and long-term future.”