TOWNSFOLK gathered at Bordon’s Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre on Saturday to launch its commemorative Army Garden.

Whitehill mayor Leslie Webber opened the event by planting an apple tree and raised the Royal British Legion flag in recognition of the Army presence in Bordon from Victorian times to 2015.

Jenny Clarke, representing the Phoenix Theatre, said the event was an ideal way to mark the century since the First World War ended.

“Phoenix dance officer Elizabeth Blake led the Dance Picnic ladies in the Lambeth Walk, followed by The Phoenix Players singing songs from their September show At The Bugle Call They Came,” she added.

“Trench cake was served along with other refreshments and period games were available, such as hop scotch and hoop and stick.

“The event was to coincide with the launch of 2018 autumn-winter brochure. The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre is keen to continue its role as being an integral and important part of the community. This event helped bring people together, raise awareness of the town’s history and promote what this theatre has to offer.”

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