Haslemere Town Council has agreed to repair the Lion Green football pitch with an artificial grass solution.

The cost to repair the surface is £26,177, which will be funded from money already held by the town council from Waverley. The decision was made at last Thursday’s (September 29) full council meeting.

Councillors discussed the sustainability of the artificial grass, and a sample was shown to the council which showed the backing wasn’t rubber backed.

Nevertheless, several councillors raised concerns over the sustainability of the artificial grass.

Cllr Kirsten Ellis said: “I can’t vote for artificial grass; I just can’t do it.

“Everything in my body says no to artificial grass. It’s great to have a solution, and I’m not trying to get in the way of a solution. I just feel artificial grass, if the council is paying for it, does send a message, however small, out to the community.”

Other councillors spoke in favour of the solution.

Cllr Geoffrey Whitby said: “The only other option is to leave it, so we’re looking at the best solution.

“If this is the solution, I think we should go with it – otherwise we leave it as is.”

The motion put to councillors was: “That the clerk is instructed to make arrangements for the repair of Lion Green in artificial grass as per the VitaPlay quote for £26,177.”

Eight councillors voted in favour of the motion, with five councillors voting against the motion.