A Lindford youngster has been hailed by his parents and scout group as a lifesaver after helping a choking diner.

Ten-year-old Cameron Bellis used the first aid training he learned online during lockdown to save a diner’s life.

The scout was on holiday with his parents and sister in Poole when he came to the aid of the elderly lady in a hotel restaurant.

The youngster showed incredible calmness and maturity in giving instructions to the diner’s panicking relatives.

And sure enough the offending piece of steak flew out of her mouth, leading to handshakes, high fives and eternal gratitude.

Cameron, who is a member of the 1st Headley Scouts, was alone with his sister in the restaurant when he adverted tragedy.

He said: “We were in the hotel restaurant when the elderly lady close to me started coughing and gagging.

“I looked over and I could see she was choking. Everyone was panicking but I had a burst of adrenaline and knew I had to do something.

“I just went over to them and was calm. I said calm down, pat her on the back five times and if that doesn’t work then go into the Heimlich manoeuvre. It worked and it flew out.

BH Lifesaving Headley Scout PIC2
Cameron and Abigail with their parents, Sarah-Jane and Kevin, and 'TikTok' Julie Foster of the 1st Headley Scouts (Tindle/Paul Ferguson)

“I was a bit like ‘woah’ afterwards, as the advice worked. A couple shook my hand and gave me a high five, and the lady I helped said thank you to me.”

Cameron learned first aid through a scouts Zoom course three years ago when he was a beaver, while his father Kevin is immensely proud of his young lifesaver.

He said: “The woman behind the bar had a fit of panic so I’m so proud of the way Cameron reacted.

“I really think he did save a life – we’re so proud of him.”