A FREE app has launched in Surrey this week to reward residents who clock up their miles by walking, cycling, running, scooting or using public transport.

With 41 per cent of emissions in Surrey coming from transport, the BetterPoints app encourages residents to become more active whilst also helping the environment by reducing car travel for local journeys.

The app tracks journeys and awards points in return which can be translated into high street vouchers or charity donations.

Matt Furniss, cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said: “We’re trialling this app in Surrey over the next three months to encourage people to incorporate more walking and cycling into their daily routines.

“From cycling to work, walking to the gym or taking the bus to the shops, every journey counts in our bid to reduce harmful carbon emissions from vehicles.

“We’re also investing over £6m in more walking and cycling routes to help people get around easier and safer.

“We do not expect to eliminate car use, but we hope to make other methods of travel more appealing and accessible for certain journeys, whilst also improving the health and wellbeing of our residents.”

Surrey County Council has recently agreed the procurement of 34 hydrogen fuel cell buses worth £16.4 million.

The buses will help create a greener and more sustainable transport network for residents, accelerating the introduction of ultra-low and zero emission buses in Surrey.

This will also provide a real alternative to the car, which residents can use and get rewarded for their car-free journey.

The BetterPoints app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. Information on how to get started using BetterPoints is also available on YouTube.