Looking through the Herald has helped an Altonian make his home even more energy efficient.

A visitor, called Ken, to the Alton Energy Advice and Eco Café, had read about the venue in the Alton Herald.

He had already made some energy-efficiency improvements to his home and wanted to find out what else he could do.

Ken said: “I wanted to make sure we were heading in the right direction.”

He also wanted to arrange a thermal imaging survey of his house to find out where heat might be escaping.

As his house was built in the 19th century, any improvements had to be sympathetic to the traditional way in which it had been constructed.

Ken said: “Talking to Tony in the café was very useful and interesting. The information I was given about secondary glazing was very helpful.”

Ken added he would be “very happy” to recommend the café to other people, and is now looking to further reduce the heat lost from his home by insulating under his suspended wooden floor.

Another café visitor to benefit from the free advice, called John, was pleased with the approach taken by the volunteer adviser. He said: “The ethos was so different from a commercial organisation.

“I felt completely non-pressured and was pleased the conversation didn’t lead on to any attempt to sell me anything.”

He also appreciated the honesty of the adviser, adding: “What was lovely was the adviser was open that he didn’t have all the answers.

“But he did give me useful, unbiased advice that enabled me to move on with what I was doing.”

The café also recycles plastic bread, savoury biscuit and confectionery wrappers, and holds a climate coffee afternoon on the second Thursday of every month at 2pm. It opens Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to midday. For more details email [email protected]