Angela Richardson was one of just 31 Tory MPs not to vote on a Labour motion that would have forced a vote on a bill to ban fracking, as it was defeated in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Wednesday was marked by chaos in Westminster, with Suella Braverman replaced as Home Secretary by Grant Shapps.

This was followed by a vote on fracking, seen by many as a 'confidence vote' in Liz Truss's premiership.

There were reports of manhandling and bullying in the voting lobby, although these have been denied by Government ministers.

The Guildford MP did not vote on the motion, unlike the vast majority of her Conservative colleagues, though it was defeated 326-230.

Abstaining or not voting on the motion were 27 Labour MPs, 31 Tory MPs, 11 SNP MPs, six Independent MPs, six DUP MPs and one Alba Party MP.

While MPs may purposefully abstain on a motion, some may not have voted for other reasons, such as illness.

Meanwhile, 167 Labour MPs, 33 SNP MPs, seven Independent MPs, 14 Lib Dem MPs, two SDLP MPs, one Alliance MP, three Plaid Cymru MPs, one Green Party MP and one Alba Party MP voted for it.

And 322 Tory MPs and two DUP MPs voted against it.

The vote counts do not include the four MPs who acted as tellers, the seven Sinn Féin MPs who do not take their seats, the Speaker or the three Deputy Speakers.