Dog walkers have been in for a treat as filming for the highly-anticipated second season of House of the Dragon takes place in Bourne Woods.

The popular woodland has been thrown back into medieval times as a tree-lined bowl area saw swathes of knights decked out in heavy armour, riding horses, wielding swords and shields, ready to begin battle.

One battle being filmed even appeared to involve a more mythical creature, as shouts for ‘action’ saw smoke filling the landscape and cast members running away in fear from what, on screen, will be an attacking dragon – but what, in real life, was a huge blue screen propped up on a crane. Computer-generated imagery will do the rest.

Never fear, many pathways through the woods are still open and accessible for walkers – and some even allow spectators to watch the action unfold.

All filming vehicles must also remain at a low speed with their hazard lights on.

Filming and photography are restricted in many areas – but you’re unlikely to catch sight of a dragon flying over the woods...

By Natasha Cocksedge