CHILDREN at Barrow Hills School raised a total of £2,104 through a series of fundraising activities as part of the school’s Lent appeal.

This year the children were left to choose their own charity – Scope (Haslemere) – as well as coming with different fundraising ideas aimed at the pupils’ different ages.

Children and teachers in early years took part in a sponsored trike ride, while reception class undertook an obstacle course challenge.

Year one donned their trainers for a pancake race while year two opted for running laps around the pre-prep garden. The junior prep department braved the elements to walk about two miles across public footpaths in fancy dress with staff to neighbouring partner school, King Edward’s Witley.

Years five and six flexed their creative muscles to develop a piece of work for inclusion in the school Lent booklet, which was sold in aid of Scope. Year seven held a “Rounders in Onesies” match where children paid £2 to play in their onesie or PJs. The final fund raising activity involved the year eight pupils washing parents’ and staff cars for £5 per vehicle.

Acting head Paul Crisell said: “We are immensely proud of our children who have embraced the Lent appeal with such determination and enthusiasm.

“The underlying ethos of the school is to teach children the importance of compassion and empathy for others and to encourage them to actively undertake charitable works. The fantastic sum of money raised for Scope is clear evidence of how these values are being instilled in our children, from a very early age.”