Is it any wonder the average person feels disempowered when it comes to reducing the damage mankind is doing to the environment?

There is little hope of achieving net zero when society continues to subsidise the greedy rich. 

For example, the absurd suggestion in recent Farnborough Airport publicity that to further increase the number and size of jets using their facilities is somehow ‘a good thing’ flies in the face of everything we know about global warming.

They suggested their operations would achieve net zero by 2030. What planet are they on? 

By way of an explanation they add ‘for controllable emissions’, which is one of the most egregious obfuscations ever. True, if you ignore all that pesky stuff they have ‘no control’ over; the untaxed aviation fuel, the petrol-driven limos, the diesel, the electricity for all those pretty lights they are not allowed to turn off, etc.

The affluent need to get real and understand they hold the key. At the very least they should be paying the full cost of their extravagant lifestyle. 

Quite obviously flying will never be ‘green’, especially when each flight has on average fewer than three passengers, so it should be taxed appropriately. 

Why should the rest of us, being overflown every four minutes, listen to their screeching jets, breathe their fumes and pay for their fuel?

By David Madgwick