In March this year I received an email from Waverley Borough Council informing me that, from April, my parking permit would henceforth be issued by Surrey County Council. 

Does anyone know why this decision was made? 

It means the income stream from parking payments has been diverted away from Waverley, diminishing their revenue with an inevitable knock-on effect on our council taxes.

But I have also learned that this income stream has been diverted again, this time into the pockets of a private company NSL who, according to the email, have an office in Sheffield – though on the two occasions I have spoken to them over the phone, they are actually located in Scotland. One man told me he was speaking from Inverness.

It further turns out that NSL is actually owned by a larger company, Marston Holdings.

It would appear Surrey County Council have sold the right to collect parking fees to this company. Why, when the system was working quite efficiently in Waverley? 

I can only assume Surrey is short of money and have sold this right for a lump sum.

It would also explain why the annual fee for on-street parking outside my house has gone up from £50 to £80.

To add insult to injury, NSL are having trouble with their computer (they didn’t know my address – or that of my neighbour). Several of us have been given letters to place in our windscreens until the glitches can be sorted out. 

I would be interested to hear Surrey’s explanation for this.

Dr Laurence Carter

Wykeham Road, Farnham

A spokesman for Surrey County Council says:  “Previously (until March 2023) the on-street enforcement in Waverley was carried out by Guildford Borough Council. In April 2023, Surrey County Council took over the direct management of on street parking across Surrey with a new enforcement services supplier called NSL. 

“NSL employs most of their workforce in Surrey locally although they have administrative offices around the UK, including Scotland.  

“By managing on-street parking across the county, Surrey County Council can ensure a consistent approach and focus on delivering an efficient service for all Surrey residents. Any surplus income from parking enforcement must be used for road and transport projects within the county area.”