As a local Waverley and Farnham councillor, since the May election there has been a considerable increase in residents coming to me about issues in Farnham that are concerning them. 

I live in West Street and meet and greet residents regularly when out walking, so I often hear their concerns. 

On Saturday morning a resident visited me at home to complain about noisy and aggressive motorbike riding in West Street, which I have also personally witnessed on numerous occasions – and it is increasing.

However, last Sunday (June 18) was a particularly bad day for Farnham residents as a result of the inconsiderate behaviour of motorbike boy racers.

It started just after 7am in West Street with the loudest screaming engines and noisy exhausts I have heard anywhere – and then continued around the town centre and further away.

I ride a motorbike so fully understand that this type of riding is deliberately anti-social and illegal.

I am hoping in the not-too-far-distant future, Surrey Police will introduce technology-based solutions with smart cameras that will enable the authorities to prosecute.

These bike riders – and also the loud ‘bang-bang’ exhausts fitted to young drivers’ cars – have become very intrusive and the perpetrators are flaunting the law because they know they can get away with it.

Perhaps Surrey Police could liaise with the Farnham Infrastructure Programme to see if between Surrey Police and SCC some physical speed-calming measures can be introduced around the town centre as part of the town centre improvements that are planned in the near future. 

A similar letter to this has been sent to the Surrey Police Waverley Commander for a response.

By George Hesse

Farnham Residents town and borough councillor for Farnham Castle ward

West Street, Farnham