Lurgashall Winery falls foul of EU directive

Friday 28th March 2008 12:00 am

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WINERY owner Jerry Schooler is undaunted by a new EU 'pre-packed product' directive that could cost his business £30,000. Lurgashall Winery, which makes fruit wines, meads and liqueurs, must now bottle its products in 70cl sizes to comply with European rules, by November. The current size of the winery's standard bottles is 75cl. The winery must also comply with a new labelling system for the 400,000 bottles of drink it produces each year. The new rules mean sourcing new bottles, new machinery for corking the different size and new boxes for the 28 different products. Mr Schooler said last year there was a bottle shortage from France which meant the business lost out in sales, and this year the new rules meant he would have to find a different source. Mr Schooler said: "I am not going to fight the EU or the UK Government, but instead see this as a positive opportunity. Over the next three weeks we will come up with a strategy and we will find a way to turn this into an advantage."

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