THE LYNCHMEREANS celebrated their 75th consecutive pantomime with three excellent performances of Robin Hood at the Hardman Hoyle Memorial Hall – oh yes they did!

President Michael Tibbs, who has attended every panto since 1947, oversaw the production, making sure everything ran smoothly even at 102 years old.

The play was directed and produced by Ann Spear and written, co-directed and even starred Frederick Tibbs as Friar Tuck. 

The 30-strong cast varied in age from seven to 70, performed the classic tale of Robin Hood, played by Pearl Elliott, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. 

Robin outwitted the wicked tax raising Prince John played by Claire Aukim Hastie, assisted by her Nanny (Christopher Tibbs) and the Sheriff of Nottingham, an excellent performance by Elodie Martin.