THE MAYOR of Farnham, Councillor Alan Earwaker, has received an insight into why so many people describe the Waverley hoppa Community Transport service as a ’lifeline’.

The mayor accompanied driver Steve Dudley as he picked up passengers from Brightwells Gostrey Centre and dropped them off at their homes.

Farnham Town Council provides an annual grant of £10,000 towards the provision of the hoppa service in Farnham.

Simlarly, Haslemere Town Council agreed to renew its £5,000 annual revenue grant in September for services provided to Haslemere residents.

This money goes towards providing door-to- door transport for people who have no other means of getting around.

During the ride, the mayor heard how the layout of the passenger cabin can be easily adapted to accommodate wheelchairs, mobility aids and shopping trolleys.

Speaking afterwards, Cllr Earwaker said: "The versatility of the bus makes the service highly flexible and suitable for people with restricted mobility.

"I was very impressed by the friendliness of the service and the sense of community among the passengers.

"It must be so reassuring to hoppa passengers to know their driver will provide assistance if needed and always see them safely to their front door."

As well as taking people to and from Brightwells, passengers can book to be taken anywhere in the Farnham area.

Steve Forward, general manager at hoppa, added: "Hoppa covers nearly 30 villages and neighbourhoods in the Farnham area, which provides people with the opportunity to enjoy a great deal of freedom and independence.

"Passengers can book for us to take them to a friend’s house in rural Frensham, shopping at a local supermarket, a browse round a garden centre, a check-up at the doctors, and anything else they would like to do in the Farnham area."

Anybody who has a valid bus pass can travel for free on hoppa after 9.30am.

To use the service, passengers need to register, which is quick and easy to do.

Visit the website or call 01428 681701 for a registration form.