THERE was a mixed bag of results for primary schools in the Petersfield area this year as the performance league tables were revealed.

At the top end is Langrish Primary School, which achieved a maximum score from results of examinations in maths, science and English.

But Herne Junior School at Love Lane in Petersfield has fallen below the national average score this year of 233 out of 300.

The figures, which were published on Wednesday, show the results of the key stage two tests taken by 11-year-olds in primary and junior schools.

Herne Junior School had made steady improvements since 1998, rising from a score of 238 to 257.

But this year the figure dropped to 230, below the average for schools in Hampshire and across the country. Headteacher Bob Carter was unavailable for comment.

Langrish Primary School continued its programme of improvement this year, achieving a maximum score of 300, which puts the school among a group of five at the top of the county league.

Headteacher Pauline Osborne said: "If you look back over the years since the league tables began we have not always got 300, but overall we are top of the county.

"I think it's the consistency of our achievements that I am most pleased with and it is an accolade to the children, staff and parents, who have all worked so hard."

Headteacher at Liss Junior School, Andy Burford, said he was delighted with this year's results, which show an increase from 275 to 282 in the past 12 months. He said the results reflected the hard work by staff and pupils.

"If you look at our scores over the past four years we have made steady improvements. We are all very proud of this year's achievements.

West Meon Primary School and Buriton Primary School results were unavailable as they have fewer than 10 pupils eligible for the tests

Andrew Seber, Hampshire County Council's education officer, said he would like to thank teachers and staff at schools for their hard work and professionalism.

He said: "I would like to emphasise that for some pupils achieving national curriculum level one or two is a considerable personal achievement.

"Sporting, creative and musical achievements, personal development and responsible behaviour are not recorded in these tables but are very important.

"The national curriculum raw scores shown here do not show the progress pupils have made within a school. The published information provides only a partial picture of a school's achievement."

Number equals sum of test percentages achieving level four in English, mathematics and science key stage two. Last year's results in brackets.

Langrish Primary School.............300 (296)

Sheet Primary School...................288 (292)

Greatham Primary School...........288 (296)

Liss Junior School.........................282 (272)

Steep Primary School...................273 (250)

Liphook Junior School.................260 (250)

Clanfield Junior School................249 (260)

Herne Junior School.....................230 (257)

East Meon Primary School..........225 (N/A)