A viral TikTok video branding Farnham “the most stuck up town in Surrey” has been viewed 1.3 million times in a week.

Farnham has become an unlikely hit on the Chinese-owned online video sharing platform in recent months.

A video labelling the town 'snooty' posted earlier this year has been watched more than 560,000 times to-date.

And now another, by TikTok user Rob Colfer, has almost doubled this number.

In the latest video, Colfer tours Farnham asking passers-by if they agree with the town's 'snooty' tag.

In the video, Colfer first approaches a young man and asks him what the most "Tory" thing he has seen in Farnham was, to which the young man replied sheepishly, "the people, I guess".

Colfer then approaches two women sitting on a bench and tells them about the viral video, to which one of the women replied, "I would agree, yes." She added that she grew up in Farnham and that many people think of themselves too highly.

The second group Colfer interviews also agreed that Farnham is a "stuck up" town. One young man even joked that the town is "filled with privileged people." Another participant in the video stated that Farnham locals can be "difficult at times".