SARAH Rollins from Seale is well on the way through her 404040 challenge, a 40km run everyday for 40 days before her 40th birthday on July 14, with all funds raised going to Walking With The Wounded, the World Wide Fund for Nature and Waverley Abbey School in Farnham.

The fitness lover who was cheered on by pupils at Waverley Abbey School as she embarked on the fourth day of the challenge, wanted to mark her 40th birthday in an unusual type of way.

As an avid runner Sarah would spend a lot of time alone and thinking, and it was during one of these times that the 404040 challenge was born.

She points out that she certainly hasn’t been anywhere near a gym. All of her 40km runs are out on the trails, which have taken her to Leith Hill where the British Orienteering Champs were being held and to Headley Court, a Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.

She said: “I was in the GB Orienteering team for 13 years and I work in Military Rehab, so I’m raising money for Walking with the Wounded. The kids were great [at Waverley Abbey] my son’s class saw me off.

“We talked about how on day 40 I’m going to run the last 1km at the school with them and they said ‘we’re going to beat you’. It was all made slightly harder when my right ankle started hurting.

“I thought it was an overused tendon injury but two days of pain later a red rash spread up my leg and it has turned out to be cellulitis. Thankfully the antibiotics are working but that could have been a show-stopper.

“I think it was from washing the sand off my legs in the River Wey in Tilford. I must have had a small cut that I hadn’t noticed. Anyway, it was meant to be a challenge! It would be fantastic to get the support of the people of Farnham and surrounding villages.”

To support Sarah on the rest of her journey visit her JustGiving page at