Year eight students at Weydon School enjoyed a visit from neuroscientist and science writer Ben Martynoga as part of Weydon’s World Book Day and the Farnham Literary Festival schools programme.

After more than a decade at the forefront of brain research, Martynoga swapped his white coat for a pen. He has written on everything from the history of biology through to the latest technological innovations, running, stress and creativity.

His work appears in the Guardian, New Statesman, the i newspaper, Financial Times and beyond.

As well as a series of events, talks, competitions and workshops, the Farnham Literary Festival has a thriving schools programme, facilitating encounters with local talents and bestselling authors, igniting inspiration among the young minds of Farnham’s schools.

As well as Ben Martynoga, other authors featured in Farnham Literary Festival 2024 schools programme included Reshmi Bennett, Sophie Deen, Robert Tregoning, Neill Cameron, Matt Brown and Nishani Reed.

The programme is organised by Farnham Town Council in partnership with Blue Bear Bookshop.