The Active Alton Working Group has just released its new directory of all the exercise and sporting activity clubs, organisations and venues in the area.

It has also brought the webpages on the Alton Town Council website up to date.

Regular physical activity is the most important measure anyone can take to prevent disease and maintain good health throughout life and into old age.

Regular exercise helps to prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, joint disease, osteoporosis, mental ill-health and even dementia.

Physical activity is also important in the treatment of all these conditions.

Perhaps most important of all, later in life exercise helps to prevent frailty and dependency which is so common in our older citizens.

With this in mind, the Active Alton Working Group came together in 2019 to publicise the information about what is available in and around Alton, to give everyone the widest possible choice.

The more choices there are, the better the chance of everyone being to find a suitable activity which can be enjoyed.

Doing something you don’t particularly like is a recipe for giving it up!

In 2020/21 the Active Alton Directory was published on the Alton Town Council website at

For those who prefer to have written information, the Working Group produced a booklet which was widely distributed about the town in such places as the Library, doctors’ surgeries, hospital out-patients, the town hall and coffee shops.

Two years on, and following the pandemic, much of the information in The Directory needed updating. So both the website and the booklet have been rewritten and the by-now familiar blue book has changed colour to purple and the contents brought up to date.

There is a huge range of opportunities on offer – everything from archery, badminton, bowls, cricket, cycling, dance all the way down the alphabet to swimming, tennis, walking football, yoga and Zumba.

As far as your health is concerned it does not matter what you do – just find something you will enjoy and do it.

Log onto the website and click on to whatever interests you for full information – or pick up a booklet.

n The Working Group is very grateful for grants received from EHDC councillors Suzie Burns, Diana Tennyson, Ingrid Thomas and Richard Thomas and also from the Alton Society. Many thanks too to Alton Town Council.