It is inconceivable that following the massive opposition to the planned expansion of Farnborough airport culminating in the march on January 27 and Waverley adding its support that Rushmoor Borough Council could possibly approve this counter-intuitive proposal.

The airport’s disingenuous and expensive charm offensive could come up with no convincing arguments other than that of increasing its own income.  Official council approval would surely be a savage kick in the teeth to the thousands who suffer at the moment. The next step must surely be reducing the present unacceptable number of flights.

Robin Nicholas,

Nutshell Lane, Farnham

Fight or flights

I was awoken by a jet airplane flying over Churt at 4.34am on Saturday, February 10.  Followed by another at 4.40am and continuing thereafter with flights to and from London Heathrow and London Gatwick.  

These arise from the change to airspace paid for by Farnborough Airport Limited.  As owned by Macquarie, which plunders our water utilities.  The private jets then being overhead from 8am onwards.

Is this the future for Churt, and our neighbouring villages?

Two weeks ago local residents attended a peaceful and purposeful demonstration at Farnborough Airport. Also attended by Greta Thunberg, and generating some much needed attention to the noise and pollution above our communities.

Geoffrey Pierson

Hale House Lane, Churt