The letter from the Labour party published in last week’s Herald lacks a genuine understanding of the concerns that matter to the residents of Farnham and Bordon.

Rather than engaging in a constructive dialogue on key local issues, the Labour party seems more inclined to resort to childish remarks aimed at me in your letters page. Despite this, I am grateful for their contribution for three reasons.

Firstly, their letter provides an opportunity to once again draw attention to my ongoing campaign to save the Bordon Recycling Centre. I encourage your readers to support this cause, joining hundreds of others, by signing the petition available at

Secondly, the “impartial” uncharitable remarks they quote were actually authored by one of their own committee members who posted on my Facebook page. This allows me to showcase where readers can find comprehensive information about my efforts across the Farnham and Bordon constituency. 

From advocating for the recycling centre to remain open, to challenging increasing car parking charges in Waverley, to promoting local businesses, and supporting charitable initiatives, my commitment to our community is undiminished.

Lastly, I appreciate the opportunity to reaffirm my key unwavering principle: the residents of the new Farnham and Bordon constituency will always be my first priority, even if it means standing up to colleagues in my own party.

I look forward to continuing to serve the residents of Farnham and Bordon and addressing their concerns effectively.

Greg Stafford

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Farnham and Bordon

Castle Street, Farnham