DOUBLE Paralympic gold medallist Rachel Morris joined carers from Right at Home GF, a Farnham-based homecare company, for their Christmas meal and to present some of the carers with awards of their own.

Rachel spoke to the team about her experiences over the years – the highs and the lows – and said she recognised the importance of a strong team when it came to offering the right support.

She praised the CareGivers for promoting independence and making a real difference to their clients’ lives.

She added the support she had received over the years allowed her “to be the best version of me I can be”.

Alastair Shanks, managing director at Right at Home GF, said: “When I first met Rachel I was struck by her positivity and belief that life is there for the taking.

“Many of our clients have enjoyed active lives themselves and just because they’re not as mobile as they once were, or they are easily confused, doesn’t mean they want to give up or even slow down.

“Our team of carers step in and, rather than doing everything for the client, support them to continue doing things for themselves. Our aim is to promote independence and allow people to stay living at home for as long as they want, whether that’s offering a few hours’ support a week or finding the right carer to live in and offer support around the clock. We want everyone to be able to live life to the full.”

According to Alastair, the Christmas meal, together with the Right at Home Summer BBQ, is one of the few times the whole team can get together and, although the awards presented were slightly tongue in cheek (this year included ‘Most Angelic Singing’ and ‘Quiz Master Brainbox’), it was an opportunity to recognise the difference the team makes to people’s quality of life.

Adriana, a member of the care team for almost five years, said: “As a carer you are appreciated – I can see the difference I make every day to my clients.”

Marion, another member of the care team, said: “Everyone always mentions how happy I am when I’m working.”

And Emma added: “Everyone here is lovely and I enjoy being associated with the company – I’m proud to say I work for Right at Home.”

Anyone interested in joining the Right at Home team should call 01252 783426 or e-mail [email protected].