TANKARDS were raised and cheers exclaimed as friends of Robert Leach gathered to celebrate the unveiling of a bench in Farnham Park in his memory.

With some dressed in period clothing and others in weatherproof attire, the group was led by Robert’s wife, Sue.

The two married in 1986 after meeting four years before at the Boundary Players amateur theatre in Rowledge, when they were on stage together.

Both Sue and Robert were teachers at the Aldro School, teaching French and IT respectively, but their love of history led Robert to join the History Table, run by Sue and Aldro’s head of history Nick Swan.

The History Table meant Robert was able to get involved with the teaching of history, as he was “fascinated by everything from early man to the first world war”.

As well as his teaching endeavours, Robert took part in historical re-enactments with The Sealed Knot.

After his death on May 10, 2018, Sue sought to put up a bench in Farnham Park in his memory.

Farnham Park ranger Nick McFarlane commissioned the bench, suggesting it was placed north of the park, at the site of English Civil War skirmish.

On the unveiling of the bench, Sue addressed the group, thanking all for coming, adding that Robert would have “loved” the bench at its chosen site.

Sue said: “He was an all-rounder – he was good technically, very interested in literature and history, of course.”

History Table friend Sally Wooding added she would remember Robert’s “dry humour” for the “rest of my life”.

Following the big reveal, those gathered raised their tankards, giving one last ‘Huzzah’ in Robert’s memory.