Something a little different from Simon Malone this week who writes: “The Basingstoke Canal was within biking distance from home and a group of us lads used to get about in that area from time to time.

“Hiring a rowing boat was an occasional treat.

“In late summer 1962 a culvert under the canal collapsed and water started to drain out fast.

“Dams were hastily constructed at the nearest bridges either side of the collapse to hold back the water and repairs to the culvert were made in the drained section.

“The photograph with the flatter bridge is at what was known as Crookham Wharf.

“The image with the pump shows the section where the culvert was repaired and the other image shows the dam at the bridge to the east of the collapse.

“At Crookham Wharf we used to hire ancient rowing boats from an old chap called Mark. I don’t know we ever knew his surname.

“Out of curiosity I searched the 1939 register for Crookham and found an entry. This would have been the Mark I referred to.

“He was born in 1874, making him about 88 years old at the time he was hiring boats out to us!

“I would have been 18 at the time! Happy days!”