OBJECTORS to Surrey's plans to introduce widespread residents' parking permits claim they will cause major problems by displacing cars currently parked with no problems.

Phase one of the county council's parking review in Haslemere has gone out to public consultation until November 16 and campaigners are urging residents to make their views known.

This week, Haslemere Town Council's car parking tsar, Stephen Mulliner, voiced concern about the county council's timing.

He said: "If these proposals are implemented before the extra 80 spaces at Haslemere station become available, the minimum displacement will be 65 cars – not 35 as quoted by the county council.

"Surrey seems to have overlooked the impact of the extra double yellow lines in Three Gates Lane, Bunch Lane and Kings Road, which alone will displace about 25 cars."

For full story, see this week's Haslemere Herald.