Theatre Fideri will bring Will Tell and the Big Bad Baron to The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre in Bordon on October 14 at 2.30pm.

This original show for families introduces a new legendary figure to British drama: the ‘Swiss Robin Hood’, Wilhelm Tell, who refused to bow to a tyrant and famously had to shoot an apple off his child’s head with a crossbow as a punishment.

It is a fun-filled, colourful comic adventure with capers around castles, damsels in distress and a jaw-dropping joust with horse puppets, woven together with engaging storytelling and catchy original songs.

Join plucky heroine Will, disguised as a knight, who rides off on her donkey Rosina to rescue folk hero dad Wilhelm Tell from the wicked Baron Boris’s deepest darkest dungeon. Inspired by the exploits of her father and the tales of Robin Hood and Sir Lancelot, Will knows all about standing up to tyrants, but nothing has prepared her for when the baron’s daughter Edel falls madly in love with her and wants to be rescued too.

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