A PUBLIC exhibition and consultation event to share outline proposals on the development of land at Coxbridge Farm, Farnham is being hosted by VIVID Homes on Tuesday (December 11).

The Coxbridge Farm site, located close to the Coxbridge roundabout off West Street, has already been allocated as a development site for up to 350 homes in both the Waverley borough Local Plan and Farnham Neighbourhood Plan.

The consultation is being held in the Garden Gallery of Farnham Museum, West Street between 3pm and 8pm.

It will inform an outline planning application being prepared for submission in early 2019. It’s intended to ensure residents, business and other stakeholders can influence and comment on emerging proposals for the site.

Attendees will have the opportunity to view all the current information and the chance to share thoughts and speak with members of the design team.

A project website, www.wyg.com/consultations/coxbridge-farm, will be active from December 11.