FARNHAM Town Council has commenced an early partial review of the Neighbourhood Plan as proposed by the Local Plan inspector.

The review has been launched with a new ‘call for sites’ to identify the most suitable locations for the additional 450 homes earmarked for Farnham.

The review will be undertaken in consultation with Waverley Borough Council and will include a calculation of the number of homes already permitted since the housing numbers were assessed - as, with permissions already given, Farnham is expected to be well ahead of the scheduled delivery rate.

The call for sites will close on March 23, followed by the same rigorous process of site evaluation as was carried out as part of the Neighbourhood Plan evidence base.

The proforma for completion by those wishing to put forward sites is available online at www.farnham.gov.uk .

Carole Cockburn, leader of Farnham Town Council, said: “It is really important that we do not lose momentum now that the Local Plan inspector has approved the Waverley Local Plan

“We will be working with our local communities in our early partial review of the Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that there can be certainty over where housing will go up to 2032.

“I am pleased that both the inspector and Waverley Borough Council have confirmed that the Neighbourhood Plan policies continue to have weight and are not out of date.”