REVISED plans to build a garden cottage close to two grade II listed buildings in Hill Road, Haslemere, have been refused by Waverley Borough Council planners.

The scaled down version of two earlier applications for a new dwelling on land at 31 Hill Road, both of which were refused on appeal as being out of keeping with the character of the area, was recommended for approval by planning officers – but were overwhelming rejected by Waverley’s southern area planning committee, last week.

Urging committee members to refuse the application near neighbour Richard Acres addressing members at the public slot at the start of the meeting said: “It sits right in front of a listed building. We shouldn’t allow this kind of general architectural pastiche.

“This is not a garden cottage and it shouldn’t pretend to be one. This is out of scale and out of keeping again.

“Over 10 years, you have consistently resisted overdevelopment and been supported by planning inspectors. I urge you to remain resistant.”

Councillor Stephen Mulliner commended the applicant for “making an attempt” to meet the inspectors’ concerns, but objected the proposed dwelling was still substantial and would look cramped and out of context.

Committee chairman Peter Isherwood agreed the new house did “not fit” with that part of Haslemere which the Haslemere Design Statement sought to protect.

Committee members wanted to refuse the plan on the grounds it would have an adverse impact on the setting of a listed building, but were advised not to because the borough council’s historic building officer had not objected.

The committee agreed to refuse the plan on the grounds the proposed development was against the Haslemere Design Statement and would have an adverse impact on the character of the surrounding residential area due to its size and cramped appearance.

At the same meeting it was decided to defer determination of an application to expand the PGL’s outdoor education centre at Hindhead, which triggered 68 objections, to allow the applicant to submit an amended site location plan to include where Cricket Close is proposed to be widened.