East Hampshire District Council


20601/029: Prior approval for a proposed change of use of agricultural  buildings to five dwelling houses (PA3Q1).High Hurlands Nursing Home, Gentles Lane, Passfield, Liphook.

26591/010: Installation of a solar photovoltaic array in rear field (FUL). Outwoods, Rectory Lane, Bramshott, Liphook.

29749/016: Installation of solar panel array together with supporting plant and equipment (FUL). Land off, Hewshott Lane, Liphook.

60109: Fell tree to ground level, planting of suitable shubs (CAT). 5 Coyte’s Paddock, Liphook.

21453/003: Single-storey rear extension (HSE). 26 London Road, Liphook.

25547/001: Side extension at first-floor level. (HSE). 16 Shepherds Way, Liphook.

57101/001: Single-storey extension to rear and alterations to garage roof to increase roof height (HSE). 24 The Avenue, Liphook.

59560/001: Construction of a bungalow with loft accommodation (FUL). 12 Lark Rise, Liphook.


31556/003: Conversion of existing outbuilding to self-contained annexe. (FUL). 36 South Road, Horndean.

50652/003: Fell beech tree. (TPO). 4 Kilderkin Drive, Horndean.

58393/002: Detached garage to front (HSE). 64 South Road, Horndean.

59462/001: Retrospective application for the continued use of the land to the side and rear of the existing garden as residential garden land (Use Class C3) as well as the formation of three raised beds, siting of a bike store/shed and landscaping (FUL). 4 White Dirt Farm Mews, White Dirt Lane, Horndean.

59854/003: Prior approval for the enlargement of a dwelling house consisting of the construction of one additional storey (where the existing dwelling house consists of one storey); immediately above the topmost storey of the dwelling house, with a maximum height of 7.16 metres, together with any engineering operations reasonably necessary for the purpose of that construction (PA1AA). White Dirt Farm Bungalow, 81 White Dirt Lane, Horndean.

59501/004: Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an existing dormer extension to rear (LDCE). 38 Five Heads Road, Horndean.

60122: Proposed rear elevation dormer extension (HSE). 101 South Road, Horndean.

Rowlands Castle

23468/030: Listed building consent, installation of a wall-mounted automated external defibrillator (AED) unit. (LBC). Rowlands Castle Railway Station, Bowes Hill, Rowlands Castle.

55418/001: Conversion of garage to rear into residential annexe to include erection of porch, installation of rooflight, door and windows (HSE). 11 Dunnock Close, Rowlands Castle.

60124: Two-storey side extension, single-storey rear extension and drop kerb to create two off-road parking spaces. (HSE). 5 Kings Close, Rowlands Castle.


29582/007: Fell two Cypress (CAT). 15 Church Street, Alton.

53651/006: Listed building consent for an existing shed in rear garden (LBC). 8 Turk Street, Alton.

51709/011: Fell Austrian Pine to ground level. Replace with Carpinus Betulus (Hornbeam).

Fell Common Beech to ground level, replace with Carpinus Betulus (Hornbeam). 

Fell Common Beech, replace with Carpinus Betulus (Hornbeam). 

TPO number EH456, land at former Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Chawton Park Road, Alton.

60045: Extension to existing dropped kerb to provide two additional parking spaces and electric charging point (HSE). 58 Bolle Road, Alton.

60045/001: Two- storey side extension, part single-storey, part two-storey extension to rear (HSE). 58 Bolle Road, Alton.

60055: Construction of a standalone open canopy 7.5 metres wide, tapering to 2.7m at rear, 8m deep and 3m high. (FUL). 5 The Kerridge Industrial Estate, Station Road, Alton.

27887/014: Retention of bank and implementation of proposed landscaping (FUL. Keepers Lodge, Basingstoke Road, Alton.

36622/002: Removal of two trees, reduction in height and radial span of three trees (Tree Preservation Order No.289). 20 Curtis Road, Alton.

59562/002: Proposed detached dwelling and replacement single-storey extension and means of vehicular access (Revised scheme) (FUL). 49 Southview Rise, Alton.

60118: Single-storey side and rear wraparound extension, new driveway and extended dropped kerb (HSE). 24 Lime Avenue, Alton.


50026/005: Single-storey rear extension (HSE). 12 Smithy Close, Holybourne, Alton.


25208/002: Demolition of existing house and three outbuildings. Replacement dwelling with one outbuilding. (FUL). 48 Kings Hill, Beech, Alton.

59914/001: Construction of a three-bay garage with office space/ancillary accommodation above. (HSE). Sarum, 1 Snode Hill, Beech, Alton.


24242/006: Triple timber garage incorporating a timber carport and double shutters. (HSE). Over the Hedge, 58 Liphook Road, Lindford, Bordon.


26322/008: Single-storey extension to rear (HSE). Suters, High Street, Headley, Bordon.


52780/011: Change of use of land for the siting of two residential static caravans to provide accommodation for Romany Gypsy/Traveller (FUL). Riverside Paddocks, New Inn Fields, Sleaford, Bordon.


34313/028: Siting of two residential static caravans, construction of utility building/day room to provide accommodation for a traveller family. (FUL). Land adjacent to Oak Tree Farm, Gibbs Lane, Shortheath Common, Bordon.

57112/003: Installation of two mobile classrooms for a period of two years (FUL). Oakmoor School, Budds Lane, Bordon.


60123: Demolition of existing garage and conservatory with construction of rear and side single-storey extension and self-contained annexe. (HSE). Coolbawn, Firgrove Road, Whitehill, Bordon.


50101: Detached dwelling with associated landscaping (FUL). Land south of Mile End, Old Odiham Road, Shalden, Alton.


33564/011: Alterations to the indoor equestrian arena to include timber cladding added to the south elevation, insertion of windows on west elevation, and extension added on east elevation (FUL). Medstead Grange Farm, Trinity Hill, Medstead, Alton.

28942/008: Prior notification for a single-storey development extending 6m beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling, incorporating a maximum height of 3.98m and an eaves height of 2.36m (GPDE). The Barn House, 43 Lymington Bottom Road, Medstead, Alton.


58645/001: Single-storey extension to the rear with internal changes and an exterior amendment from brick to render. (HSE). Linden, Fullers Road, Rowledge, Farnham.

Four Marks

25536/004: Application to determine if prior approval is required for a change of use from an agricultural building to one dwelling house (Use Class C3) and for building operations reasonably necessary for the conversion. (PA3Q2). Dell House Farm, Hawthorn Road, Four Marks, Alton.

Lower Froyle

22343/018: Construction of a rear porch (HSE). Listed building. 2 Highway Cottages, Froyle Road, Lower Froyle, Alton.


35374/001: Single-storey side and rear extension following demolition of existing rear lean-to and porch to front (HSE). 7 Beech Hanger Road, Grayshott.

59740/002: Demolition of rear single-storey extension, erection of two-storey side and rear extension, single-storey rear extension, excavation and retaining wall to rear garden, front porch and formation of enlarged parking area (HSE). Spring Cottage, Stoney Bottom, Grayshott.

South Downs National Park Authority


SDNP/23/02208/HOUS: Front porch. 8 Barnfield, Hinton Manor Lane, Horndean.

East Meon

SDNP/23/02102/FUL: Change of use of existing commercial premises to provide one dwelling house and associated alterations. Lower Oxenbourne Farm, Harvesting Lane, East Meon, Petersfield.

SDNP/23/01928/HOUS: Side-storey side extension. Dunvegan, Frogmore Lane, East Meon, Petersfield.

SDNP/23/02306/OHL: The existing overhead line is currently supplying a single user. We have been requested to provide a second supply, making the line a multi-user line. Junction of Winchester Road and Park Road, East Meon, Petersfield.


SDNP/23/02200/TCA: Ash, severe ash die-back, remove for safety reasons.

Conifer, tree split, remaining stem unsafe, remove for safety reasons.

Littlecroft, Sages Lane, Privett, Alton.


SDNP/23/01816/HOUS: Front and side single-storey extensions to oak-frame barn, changes to roof shape with additional velux windows to stone barn and partial conversion of detached garage to form annexe accommodation. Old Pitts Farm, East Meon Road, Langrish, Petersfield.


SDNP/23/01934/ADV: Two wooden interpretation boards. Forest Road parking area and Shipwright’s Way parking area, Liss.

SDNP/23/02249/HOUS: Pitched roof over existing garage and partial re-cladding. 6 Silver Birch Close, Liss.


SDNP/23/01834/HOUS: Proposed loft conversion. 14 Orwell Road, Petersfield.

SDNP/23/02113/LDP: Demolition of an existing part-glazed part brick conservatory to the rear. Replace with a flat roof cavity wall extension with glazing to the garden elevation and a roof top lantern. 27 Borough Hill, Petersfield.

SDNP/23/02139/HOUS: Remove existing single garage and replace with double garage. 149 The Causeway, Petersfield.


SDNP/23/01448/FUL: Construction of outdoor arena and horse walker. Clements Farm , Wheatley Lane, Kingsley, Bordon.


SDNP/23/01961/FTP: Divert public right of way around new stable block (planning permission SDNP/21/05115/FUL). River Hill Farm,  Binsted Road, Blacknest, Alton.


SDNP/23/01848/HOUS: First-floor extension to the north elevation and garage conversion to home office. First-floor extension in increase space of the existing bedrooms. St Huberts , Back Lane, Bucks Horn Oak, Farnham.

Waverley Borough Council


TM/2023/01254: Application for works to trees subject of Tree Preservation Order 05/18. Baker Oats Drive, Farnham.

WA/2023/01277: Erection of a garage and workshop with storage above following demolition of existing garage and store. 2 Little Green Lane, Farnham.

WA/2023/01310: Installation of air source heat pump. 14 Wentworth Close, Farnham.

WA/2023/01305: Erection of extensions and alterations. The Spinney, 17 Crooksbury Road, Farnham.

WA/2023/01262: Application under Section 73a to vary Condition 2 of WA/ 2021/02425 (siting of a storage container for a temporary period which expires on October 23, 2023) to allow for temporary siting of the container for a further two years. Farnham Cricket Club, Folly Hill, Farnham.

WA/2023/01295: Erection of a dwelling, garage and associated works following demolition of existing dwelling and garage. Avalon Cottage, Alton Road, Farnham.

WA/2023/01289: Erection of a dwelling and associated works following demolition of existing dwelling and garage (alternative scheme). Avalon Cottage, Alton Road, Farnham.

WA/2023/01286: Certificate of lawfulness under Section 192 for dormer extension and alterations to roof space to provide additional habitable accommodation. 28 Waynflete Lane, Farnham.


WA/2023/01264: Erection of an attached dwelling.  51 Riverdale, Wrecclesham, Farnham.

WA/2023/01269: Erection of extensions and alterations to existing single-storey dwelling to provide a two-storey dwelling. 23 Boundstone Road, Wrecclesham, Farnham.

WA/2023/01302: Erection of extensions and alterations. 18 Pottery Lane, Wrecclesham, Farnham.


WA/2023/01253: Application under Section 73 to vary Conditions 1 & 2 (approved plans and materials) of WA/ 2022/02828 to allow for changes to the design and positions of windows and doors, change to the colour of the external cladding and the addition of a chimney. Overwey, Whitmead Lane, Tilford, Farnham.

WA/2023/01296: Erection of a garage/ carport following demolition of existing garage. The Little House, Tilford Road, Tilford, Farnham.

WA/2023/01288: Erection of a single-storey extension following partial demolition of existing extension. Listed building. Turners, Farnham Road, Tilford, Farnham. 


WA/2023/01309: Erection of 99 dwellings and associated parking, landscaping and open space following demolition of existing buildings; alterations to existing Hindhead Court building to provide 11 apartments. This application is accompanied by an environmental statement. The Royal School Haslemere, The Royal Junior School, Portsmouth Road, Hindhead.


WA/2023/01280: Erection of extensions and alterations together with creation of roof terraces and associated hard landscaping following demolition of existing outbuilding. Mingary, Three Gates Lane, Haslemere.

WA/2023/01291: Erection of a single-storey extension and first-floor extension following demolition of existing conservatory. 30 The Avenue, Haslemere.


WA/2023/01263: Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 192 for erection of single-storey rear extensions. Little Corries, Green Lane, Churt, Farnham.

TM/2023/01282: Application for works to tree subject of Tree Preservation Order WA26. Thornborough, Hale House Lane, Churt, Farnham.

Lower Bourne

PRA/2023/01285: Erection of a single-storey rear extension which would extend 5.52m beyond the rear wall of the original house for which the height would be 3m and for which the height of the eaves would be 3m. 40 Lodge Hill Road, Lower Bourne, Farnham.