PLANS to demolish some offices and units on a Liphook business park – and to convert others into homes – have been condemned.

Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council’s planning committee said it “strongly objects” to the change of use and demolition proposals for Passfield Business Park in Lynchborough Road – put forward by PNH Properties Group.

After the meeting on Monday, members’ objections were registered with East Hampshire District Council planners, who will decide the application.

The committee said: “The removal of a facility providing services in a rural area, which includes services used by the community, local jobs and employment, consumes supplies and services from surrounding suppliers such as Passfield Stores is not acceptable.”

This proposal is viewed as a ‘Plan B’ by some Liphook councillors such as Bill Mouland, as district council planners are set to decide an application at their meeting on Thursday, August 13, for the business park to be demolished and 40 homes built there.

It is thought this proposal is likely to be rejected for a number of reasons – one being that heathland and woods next to the business park are home to a rare and protected bird, the Nightjar.

If the 40-home plan is turned down, it is feared the developer will try using government planning guidelines introduced five years ago to say that converting the business units into homes should be allowed.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said the scheme would “constitute the most damaging development” and that the site is “entirely unsuitable for housing”.

Cllr Mouland says that on that basis alone, plans for new houses on the site should be dismissed.