AN application to change the access route to a residential development of 135 houses at Sturt Farm in Haslemere, was withdrawn, if only temporarily this week.

Haslemere-based property developer Tony Lawson said: “Basically, we felt we needed to provide more information to convince the planning committee it was the best way forward.

“We didn’t have enough time to do that within the time permitted and so we decided to withdraw it and re-present it when we have more information and are able to make it clearer what we are proposing. We hope to re-present the application within the next three to four weeks.”

An alternative access to the new homes was agreed by Waverley when outline planning consent was granted for the residential development, which is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in March 2015.

The change of route proposed would extend an existing road serving the cluster of four houses at the farm, three of which are grade II listed.

The application – featured on last week’s front page of The Herald, had already triggered 20 objections. Haslemere Town Council had recommended it was refused, because it would have “a detrimental impact on the listed buildings and their setting”.