THE THREE Alton Labour councillors elected in May 2018 have resigned from the Labour Party following Keir Starmer’s decision to write for The Sun newspaper.

District councillors Stephen Dolan (Alton Wooteys) and Paula Langley (Alton Eastbrooke) both grew up in Liverpool and spoke out strongly against the decision of the Labour leader to write for a newspaper that printed "horrific" stories in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster.

Alton town councillor, and Cllr Langley’s husband, Gideon Cristofoli (Alton Eastbrooke), also condemned the move.

All three have thanked the Alton branch of the Labour Party for running such a "hopeful" campaign that helped get them elected and will remain as councillors.

They have vowed to continue to represent the residents of their wards and will form a new group called the Alton Independent Socialists.

Former leader of the Labour group at East Hampshire District Council, Paula Langley, said: "We stood in 2018 and were elected due to the positive campaign and efforts of the Alton Labour branch.

"Back then we were inspired by the 2017 Labour manifesto and the hopeful vision the party offered.

"We feel we cannot support the current leadership after they have legitimised a newspaper that has frequently brought pain and suffering to many communities.

"We still hold the values our residents voted for and intend to continue working hard to support those that need us most."

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