WHITEHILL Town Council leader Andy Tree has slammed East Hampshire District Council for failing to inform local members before loading another 1,300 news homes on to the town.

The district council this week announced plans to allocate the extra homes, as a ‘Large Site’ in its developing Local Plan, to a number of “expansion” pockets within the town’s Prince Philip Park development.

However, having strongly objected to the proposal last autumn, Mr Tree told the Herald the first Whitehill Town Council knew of East Hants’ decision was when a press release was released in public by the district council.

As a consequence, he has accused East Hampshire District Council of riding roughshod over the wishes and concerns of local residents and elected members.

Councillor Tree told the Herald: “As you would expect, we rejected the Prince Philip Park expansion when we were consulted – but didn’t just put in a ‘no thank you, not in our back yard’ response, but instead provided legitimate reasons why it should be rejected.

“Those are obvious: transport, doctors, you name it, the town centre is yet to be delivered.

“So I’m very disappointed that East Hampshire District Council did not give the town council advance warning of their press release or a heads-up of their plans.

“I understand district ward councillors were updated last Tuesday and so that gave ample time to contact me or the town council offices.

“We were elected to stand up for local people and this is what we continue to do. The people of Whitehill & Bordon were promised a regenerated town with a new town centre, shops, cinema and facilities, and we need to see this delivered.”