A WHITEHILL man’s dream of a ‘political earthquake’ in the town has sent shock waves through the establishment after he was comprehensively elected to Hampshire County Council last Thursday.

Andy Tree of the Whitehill and Bordon Community Party gained 1,933 votes to take the Whitehill, Bordon & Lindford seat – he virtually won more votes than the other five candidates combined.

In second place was Tory favourite to take the seat, Phillip Davies, with 1,106 votes, then came Liberal Democrat Neville Taylor (514), Jack Winthrop, Labour (219), Jason Guy, Green Party (150) and Terry Hoar, Reform UK (39).

When launched after the June 2017 county council election, Andy Tree said the community party would “bring a political earthquake” to the local area.

After Thursday’s election, the Whitehill Town Council leader said: “I want to thank everyone who came out to vote for me. I was particularly humbled to watch the ballot boxes being tipped out from each of the four polling stations in Lindford, Whitehill, the Future Skills Centre and Forest Community Centre.

“I believe I had a clear win in all of them separately, which means I can go to Hampshire County Council with a strong mandate as a voice from all corners of the Whitehill, Bordon & Lindford division.

“I never take a single vote for granted and having earned your trust, I will work hard for you.

“As well as thanking my wife Katrina and family for all their love and support, I wish to pay tribute to Tina Strickland, our party deputy leader.

“I thank Tina so much for all her encouragement, wise words, loyalty and support. It means a lot.

“I thank all our party members who have supported me along our journey to make a positive difference for our fellow local residents.

“My pledge before the election was to try and achieve results for our community by working constructively with councillors of all parties and on all levels, but to never shy away from fighting your corner if I feel Whitehill, Bordon or Lindford is being short-changed.

“And staying true to my pledge, I have written to the Conservative leader of the council Keith Mans to say I seek to work constructively with his Conservative administration to try and achieve results.”