FARNHAM Residents have scored a victory in both Farnham Castle town and borough council by-elections, beating the Lib Dems into second and the Tories into third.

It means the party founded in 2015 retains the seats resigned by its former Waverley group leader John Williamson earlier this year - taking its total tally back to five seats at both Farnham Town Council and Waverley Borough Council, and adding to the two it holds at Surrey County Council.

In both polls, counted and declared at Potters Gate School late on Thursday night, Farnham Residents candidates David Beaman (borough) and George Hesse (town) more than doubled the votes won by Tory rival Rashida Nasir.

However, both only just edged out Lib Dem candidate Jo Aylwin, in Mr Beaman’s case by just 16 votes. Full story in next week’s Herald.

Full results below:

Farnham Castle borough by-election:

David Beaman (Farnham Residents) 354 votes,

Jo Aylwin (Lib Dems) 338,

Rashida Nasir (Conservatives) 175,

Rebecca Kaye (Labour) 42,

Mark Westcott (Independent) 26.

Farnham Castle town by-election:

George Hesse (Farnham Residents) 390 votes,

Jo Aylwin (Lib Dems) 339,

Rashida Nasir (Conservatives) 164,

Rebecca Kaye (Labour) 41.