I read with some alarm in the past week’s paper the statement of political intent by Andy Tree, the Whitehill et al Community Group leader and deputy East Hampshire District Council leader. 

He, as kingmaker, states several times he is there to serve and obtain the best deal for his Whitehill et al constituents – “… Whitehill et al being at the heart of its (EHDC) policy.” 


  • “… to get what we want”, 
  • “… fighting for a fair share…”,  
  • “...vote against any... policy... detrimental to...”,
  • “… negotiating a good deal...” 

Does this mean the remaining residents of East Hants DC will have to be grateful for the occasional crumbs he allows to fall from the coalition’s table? 

But then towards the end of the statement, almost as an afterthought, he appears to contradict himself when he says that – “…we seek a strong and fair East Hampshire district…”

So does this mean he is, after all, going to serve us ALL and act with humility, fairness and impartiality for our common good?

Stuart Hunter

Queens Road, Alton