Politics isn’t working. Westminster is locked in crisis, while life is getting harder for ordinary people.

This government, like almost all since the Second World War, came to office on only a minority of the vote, but able to wield 100 per cent of the power. The views of the majority who didn’t back them get disregarded.

In most constituencies, people know who will win long before the election, because the same party has held the seat for decades. Millions of votes across the country essentially count for nothing.

As a result, political  parties end up focusing their resources on the small cluster of voters in marginal seats who will decide the outcome of a general election. Everyone else, meanwhile, is left out in the cold.

The consequences of this democratic dysfunction are all around us, presided over by an unrepresentative political class in whom the public have lost trust.

Let’s make the 2024 election the last under our broken voting system. 

It’s time for proportional representation so that everyone, no matter where they live or which party they support, has a vote that counts.

Frank O’Gorman

Eddeys Lane , Headley Down