If you’re asking yourself “who are these people listed on my ballot paper?” before the May 4 local elections, here’s your answer...

For the final part of our two-part election profiles feature, we invited each candidate standing for election in selected Waverley Borough Council wards across the Farnham and Haslemere areas to submit a profile of 100 words, explaining who they are and why they deserve your vote on May 4.

Below are the profiles of all those who responded.

If you are unsure of which borough council ward you live in, this should be included on your ballot paper – or failing that, put in your postcode online at https://www.writetothem.com/

As well as the below Waverley profiles, we have also published 100 word profiles for the following councils on May 4:

  • East Hampshire District Council here.
  • Farnham Town Council here.
  • Haslemere Town Council here.

Standing for election to Waverley Borough Council (all wards will elect councillors to two seats, unless stated otherwise):

Chiddingfold (one seat):

Dave Busby (Lib Dem):

I live in Chiddingfold on Woodside Road with my husband and work for an international development non-profit. 

I have a strong record of local action, on day-to-day issues like the terrible condition of local roads, and am campaigning against the shocking amount of sewage poured into local streams as well as plans to drill for fossil fuels in the Surrey Hills. I was elected in December’s by-election for the Chiddingfold & Dunsfold ward with two-thirds of the vote. I am now standing to be the sole borough councillor for Chiddingfold under new boundaries. I’m the only candidate from the village.

Kathleen Thompson (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Elstead & Peper Harow (one seat):

Sheila Dowell (Conservative):

Formerly a teacher, GP and Consultant Physician employed as Chief Medical Officer in the air traffic industry, Sheila has lived in the area for 36 years and fully understands many local issues in Elstead and Peper Harow. She will work to improve communication with regard to the wild fire risks, public transport, road repair, speed restrictions, including traffic congestion at the School, and planning.

Gemma Long (Lib Dem):

I am a qualified solicitor, have spent most of my life locally and am the only candidate who lives in Elstead. 

My passion is protecting the environment and I’m experienced in setting up environment-friendly community energy programmes. Consequently, I am keen to support the work of the council in reducing its own environmental impact and helping residents with the transition to Net Zero. 

I previously helped set up a local community project for teens with mental health issues and worked to get support for children with special educational needs. I pledge to work hard for Elstead and Peper Harow.

Farnham Bourne:

Carole Cockburn (Conservative):

Carole lives in the Bourne with her husband, Alasdair. Her children and grandchildren all live in Farnham. She is involved in the Bourne crossroads floral displays and is Chairman of St. Martins Hall. She is also a trustee of the Ridgeway School and Woodlarks. She has represented the Bourne in Farnham and Waverley for several years.

Aly Fitch (Conservative):

Alison has lived in Farnham for over 40 years, worked locally, and understand the issues that residents across Farnham face.

She is keen for the FIP to start its transformation of Farnham which will tackle pollution, and help deal with the traffic problems.

She will work to improve Farnham for all its residents.

Michaela Jane Martin (Farnham Residents):

My family has lived in Farnham for over 30 years and, running a successful retail business in the town centre, I’m fully aware of issues such as traffic congestion and a changing retail landscape.

A town, borough and county councillor, I’m an active, vocal member of the WBC Western Planning Committee.

I work with community groups helping young people and would like to see active support for local young persons’ initiatives.

If re-elected, I will focus on improving the chronic levels of traffic congestion within the town, and the successful integration of the Brightwells development into Farnham’s retail environment.

Christopher Murray (Farnham Residents):

I’ve lived in Farnham, with my family, for 20 years and own an independent coffee shop in Lion and Lamb Yard.

Active within the local business community, I’m involved in amateur dramatics with FAOS and play for the Farnham Town walking football team.

Co-opted to Farnham Town Council last year, I want to contribute to the community and help improve the lives of Farnham residents.

If re-elected, I will focus on ensuring that Brightwells becomes a success for the town, and look to provide appropriate housing at a price that allows young people and key workers to own their homes.

George Wilson (Green):

I was born in Waverley and have lived in Farnham for the past 15 years. I’m an artist with a studio in the Farnham Maltings. In the past, I set up a studio and lived with tribal people in the Himalayas for five years and it was here that I discovered my deep love for the natural world.

Involved in my local community, I spent a year on the Farnham Society Committee and organised Heritage Open Days.

As a councillor, personally reliant on walking, cycling and using public transport, I want to promote active and sustainable travel in our town.

Farnham Castle:

John Barrington Gaskell (Labour):

There are problems facing Farnham and we must tackle them together.

The Farnham Infrastructure Programme must be properly overseen and not pushed by sectional interests or short-term thinking.  We must find a way of making Brightwells work.

Traffic pollution in the town centre is a major threat. Farnham Labour now have a promise from Thames Water that sewage dumping in the River Wey will be reduced.

You have two votes for Waverley and two votes for Farnham Town Council.  Please cast one of your two votes for me at each level.  Boundary changes mean that Labour can win here.

George Hesse (Farnham Residents):

I have lived in Castle Ward for the past 25 years and have been a councillor for the past five years.

My sole reason for standing as a councillor is to do my best for residents. 

For the past four years I have actively resisted speculative housing developments that threaten to encircle Farnham. 

Looking forward, I want to support Farnham Town Football Club’s future progress, open the Library Gardens on Sundays and Bank Holidays, improve the town roads and introduce speed calming, remove estate agents’ signs that clutter the Conservation Area, get cleaner pavements and see town centre renewal happen.

Heather McClean (Farnham Residents):

I moved to Farnham four years ago and now live in Castle ward. A teacher and educator my entire working life, I am currently an education adviser working at Queen Mary University of London, where I teach academics new to teaching.

Originally from Ireland, I am keen to give back to the Farnham community which has made me feel so welcome.  

If elected, I will focus on delivering community enrichment projects, particularly in arts and sports, and ensuring that all Farnham residents are given an equal voice in how the town develops, now and in the future.

Clare Ovens (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Anthony Watson (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Farnham Firgrove:

Rebecca Birchwood (Labour):

I moved to Farnham to raise my children in a beautiful, safe place with fantastic schools. But our ward has been neglected and I need your vote to change that.

For example, the Baldreys recreation ground is run-down and had trees plonked in the middle then left to rot. I have new safety ideas for Wrecclesham railway bridge. This is a fatal accident waiting to happen.

You have two votes for Waverley and two votes for Farnham Town Council.  Please cast one of your two votes for me at each level.  

Arthur Forrest (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Jerry Hyman (Farnham Residents):

Moving to Farnham in 1970, I studied at Farnham Grammar and have been self-employed operating engineering and management businesses since university. 

I have been a School governor, PTA Treasurer at St Peter’s, Chairman of the Friends of Farnham Park and a member of the Farnham Society. 

Having fought for Farnham non-stop on traffic, Brightwells and environmental issues since 2001, I co-founded Farnham Residents in 2015 to reform local government.

If re-elected, I will focus on serving Farnham residents faithfully and implementing protections afforded to Farnham in environmental law to force genuine solutions to the town’s traffic congestion and planning issues.

Kika Mirylees (Farnham Residents):

I’ve lived in Farnham for 27 years and my family comes from the surrounding area.  

Primarily an actress, I’ve also worked providing equine assisted therapy, using horses to help people overcome addictions and PTSD. 

I joined Farnham Residents because of Brightwells, where no-one listened to the people, and, serving on both town and borough councils, I was instrumental in securing the funding to save Willmer House, home to Farnham Museum.

If re-elected, I will focus on transforming the landfill site on Weydon Lane to create a facility for active leisure activities, promoting affordable housing, and ways to combat loneliness.

William Page (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Farnham Heath End:

Rosamund Croft (Conservative):

I have lived in North Farnham for 47 years, am married with two adult sons, and enjoy walks in nearby Rowhills Nature Reserve and Farnham Park.

My career as an IT Consultant for 35 years implementing business systems has taught me much about using technology to achieve competitive advantage for businesses in our fast-changing world.

If elected as a Hale and Heath End councillor I will work hard to maintain and improve the environment for all and will champion the cause for litter and fly-tipping free streets and pot-hole-free, well-lit roads, for the safety of all residents.

Tony Fairclough (Farnham Residents):

I grew up in Farnham and, having graduated, returned to live here in 1989. Following a successful advertising career, I now work on community projects and was co-opted onto Farnham Town Council earlier this year.

I’m actively involved with Farnham Town Football Club, was responsible for the club’s association with, and support for, the work of the Farnham Foodbank and passionately believe in a need to devolve government to a local level.

If re-elected, I will focus on improving the quality of services and facilities throughout North Farnham and supporting residents on key issues such as traffic & housing development.

Andrew Jones (Labour):

I will continue to campaign on the environment, road safety, and community support for the more vulnerable members of our society.  

If you elect me I will keep in touch regularly, not just at election time, and take up local issues on your behalf. 

You have two votes for Waverley and two votes for Farnham Town Council.  Please cast one of your two votes for me at each level.  The boundary changes make it even more likely that Labour can win here. It’s time for a change in Farnham. I promise that I won’t let you down.

Timothy Stacey (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Michaela Wicks (Farnham Residents):

I’ve lived in Farnham for over 30 years with a daughter that attended local schools.

My experience working in local government gives me a valuable insight into the responsibilities and requirements of local councillors.

I’m passionate about housing issues and saving green spaces, and was elected to Waverley Borough Council in 2019, currently sitting on the Western Planning Committee and the Landlord Services Advisory Board.

If re-elected, I will focus on working with Upper Hale residents to address concerns about housing developments and traffic calming, and ensuring that Farnham remains a clean, safe, pleasant place to live.

Farnham Moor Park:

Sarah Austin (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Sean Donovan-Smith (Conservative):

Sean is an economist, lawyer and consultant. He has been involved in politics for 30 years in various roles including Association Chairman and Agent for the South West Surrey Conservative Party and previously as an Area Chairman and one of the party’s trainers for its Leadership Development Programme. 

Sean also regularly volunteers for various organisations and served on the commission formed by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport that expanded the UK’s Dormant Assets regime to increase investment in social impact projects in the UK.

Andy MacLeod (Farnham Residents):

Having lived in Farnham for 40 years, I’m grateful for the happy life it has given my family and the high standard of education in local schools.

I am dedicated to ensuring that Farnham remains a great place to live for future generations and, as a member of the Waverley Executive, my experience has convinced me of the importance of keeping party politics out of local government.

If re-elected, I will focus on solving the town’s traffic problems while balancing needs of cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users, and ensuring Brightwells achieves the best result possible for the town.

Mark Merryweather (Lib Dem):

I have represented Weybourne and Badshot Lea on both Waverley and Farnham councils since 2019. Boundary changes mean that much of this area is now in Moor Park ward for which I am standing, hoping to continue my work for residents. 

I am the Waverley administration’s finance portfolio-holder and, with substantial private sector business experience, I believe in basic financial competence.

 I’m proud that we’ve balanced the budgets and maintained services with no cuts (and even supplemented them) despite unprecedented pressures. I will continue to speak out for areas like ours outside of Farnham’s town centre to be treated fairly.

Farnham North West:

David Beaman (Farnham Residents):

I moved to Farnham in 2010 and was elected to Farnham Town Council in 2011, and to Waverley Borough Council in 2018, where I’m chair of the western planning committee.

Actively involved within the community, I am chair of the South West Surrey Disability Empowerment Network, and director and trustee of Creative Response.

As a Farnham Resident, I believe that national politics has no part in local government decision-making.

If re-elected, I will focus on delivering practical solutions to the town’s traffic problems, including the provision of improved bus services, and supporting residential development only in community supported sites.

Natasha Fletcher (Green):

I am a Spanish language teacher living and raising a family in Farnham. 

I am acutely aware of the issues that matter day-to-day in our town. I am deeply committed to protecting and enhancing our environment and believe in making changes at grassroots level. As your borough councillor I promise to represent your concerns and ensure Waverley continues to drive through its Climate Action Plan.

We all care about our precious planet for the sake of our loved ones and future generations, but now is the time to truly show it. 

Pat Frost (Conservative):

Pat is married and lives in Hale. She has been a councillor before and is very experienced. 

During her time as a councillor she was not only a member of the Executive but was Mayor of Waverley and Mayor of Farnham. In addition, she co-owns a business based in Wrecclesham employing local people. She is also Chairman of Trustees of Wrecclesham Community Centre. 

Her previous council experience makes her an ideal candidate to represent the people of Farnham. Her political interests are planning, the state of the town, and making the right decisions on traffic and making them quickly.

James Pressly (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Graham White (Farnham Residents):

I moved to Farnham with my wife in 2012.

Approaching retirement, having run a consultancy improving lighting techniques for roadside retail companies, I want to spend time helping Farnham residents by supporting local issues that affect us all.

I have organised charity fundraising events for national cancer charities and local hospices and served on committees for residential housing and infrastructure improvement schemes.

If elected, I will focus on responsible development, planning and management of redundant farmland and the wider countryside, and the protection and maintenance of new and existing walking and cycle routes in and around the town centre.

Farnham Rowledge:

Peter Clark (Farnham Residents):

Currently Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council, and Ward Councillor for the villages of Wrecclesham and Rowledge, I amd my family has lived in Farnham for 40 years. My children were educated in Farnham schools, and I support many local charities.

I was pleased to support the planning application approval for the new Rowledge Village Hall which will become a fantastic venue for all villagers.

If re-elected, I will focus on allocating suitable sites for housing supported by appropriate infrastructure and deterring HGVs from using the A325 Northbound to prevent them from striking the Wrecclesham bridge.

David Dearsley (Conservative):

David, an active retiree, has lived in the area with his wife for nearly 50 years after serving as a senior executive in the international shipping industry. 

David is the footpath warden for the local Conservation Group, and a member of the Farnham Allotment Committee. He has keen interests in preserving and enhancing the environment

Christopher Storey (Conservative):

Chris has lived in Wrecclesham for nearly 40 years, is a trustee of the community centre and has been a governor of St Peter’s School and the Royal Surrey Hospital. 

As a Waverley Councillor, Chris had responsibility to keep the planning function compliant with government requirements and maintain local control of developments. He was also Mayor of the Borough.

John Ward (Farnham Residents):

Married in Farnham in 1974, I settled in Wrecclesham 25 years ago after a career overseas in the oil industry. 

I marched in support of a Wrecclesham relief road, and have been active in the community as a school governor, member of the Farnham Society and local councillor since 2007. 

Twice mayor of Farnham and current Mayor of Waverley, I strongly believe that party politics is destroying effective local government.

If re-elected, I will focus on opposing inappropriate new housing schemes from predatory developers, and making Farnham less polluted and more pedestrian and cycle friendly without compromising local business.

Mark Westcott (Independent):

“I hope you’re standing this year” Linda cried out across The Square.

“You know I always vote for you and, what with the terrible state of everything in Farnham, I really want you to get in and sort the blinking lot of ‘em out!”.

“Yup, I’m standing all right” I replied, “and I’ll try my damnedest to get elected this time round and do something about the mess”.

I added, gratefully “I’m always humbled by the amazing support and number of votes I get as an Independent candidate not standing under a party banner”.

“Fingers crossed” said Linda.

Farnham Weybourne:

Andrew Laughton (Farnham Residents):

Having moved to Farnham in 1998, I then spent a number of years living and working overseas in Malaysia in retail management and consulting.

I returned to live in Farnham permanently in 2019 with my teenage daughter and I now run a small property business in Guildford.

I’m keen to use my retail experience to help shape the ongoing redevelopment of Farnham town centre for the interests of local residents.

If elected, I will focus on helping Weybourne residents fight the growing threat of further inappropriate housing development, and providing facilities and support for youth projects and activities.

Anthony Lewis (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Ian Sampson (Conservative):

Ian has lived in Farnham for more than 20 years having moved here with his wife and raised two boys in the town. 

Involved in local rugby, football and tennis clubs, he is keen that the space these facilities need is not threatened by over development. Passionate about protecting the special nature of Farnham, he has a keen interest in protecting the green spaces in Farnham and broader environmental issues.

Richard Steijger (Lib Dem):

I have lived in Farnham, with my family, for nearly 20 years and work locally in environment services, while my wife works for the NHS. 

I am involved with my church, having helped to run the youth group, a Campaign for Real Ale member supporting local pubs and cheered on my children at local sports clubs. I’m motivated to stand to give back to my local community and am especially interested in contributing to a better living environment. 

Also, with the cost-of-living crisis, it is essential that Waverley provides residents with the best services in terms of quality and value-for-money.

Haslemere East (three seats):

Zoe Barker-Lomax (Conservative):

Zoe’s main objective is to drive greater value for local taxpayers.

As a founding member of the Surrey Hills Association, she would resist the Lib Dem plans to build on local land designated as AONB.

For over 20 years, Zoe has run a business in healthcare communications, lived in Haslemere and raised two daughters.

Graham Betts (Conservative):

Graham’s goal is to improve local amenities for residents within current budgets. Volunteering as a Citizens Advice adviser has helped him understand the challenges facing people and he will work to improve access to existing support. Graham has lived in Haslemere for 30 years and raised two daughters. He was the finance director of a leading accountancy firm before retiring.

Shirley Lewis (Labour):

I moved to Haslemere over 15 years ago. My young sons attended local schools where I also worked as a primary school teacher. I am passionate about protecting our environment. 

Many people are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. I believe in decent wages and genuinely affordable housing. We need safe streets, clean rivers and well-resourced public services.

There is an appetite for change, and I want to play my part. 

Claire Matthes (Green):

A town councillor since 2019, I now wish to continue and broaden my work at Waverley level.

When the pandemic struck I collaborated with key community stakeholders to establish HaslemereHelp, a mass of volunteers who provided crucial support to fellow residents. I led on the repurposing of a disused Waverley building, Pathways, as a town council-supported hub, and venue for Ukrainians’ language classes, and job support. I am currently leading on establishing a Haslemere Water Quality Testing hub.

At Waverley I would support improvements to provision for families and young people and further advocate measures to protect and enhance biodiversity.

Stephen Mulliner (Conservative):

Stephen’s career started at the Bar before he moved into the financial sector. 

He and his family made Haslemere their home in 1987. He was elected to Haslemere Town Council in 1999 and served twice as Town Mayor before his election to Waverley Borough Council in 2007, where he has specialised in planning, housing and financial matters.

Peter Nicholson (Lib Dems):

I am married and have lived in Haslemere for almost 40 years. Now retired, my work had been in scientific, capital projects planning and marketing. 

I am currently a Waverley Borough and Haslemere Town councillor. If re-elected, I will continue to support increased provision of social housing for rent, using existing council owned land throughout the Borough.

 I strongly support the Haslemere Neighbourhood plan with the proviso that all developments must have acceptable fresh water and sewerage facilities. I will continue to campaign for a further mid-evening number 19 bus which travels the length of the town.

Terry Weldon (Lib Dem):

Originally from South Africa, where for many years I was an anti-apartheid campaigner, I am now a British citizen, and have lived in the UK since 2003 (and in Haslemere since 2006). 

Following a career in market research and later in education, I am semi-retired, and work part-time delivering medicines for a local pharmacy. As a long-term rare cancer patient, I am a trustee for GISTCancerUK, and also a consumer representative with the NCRI Sarcoma Clinical Unit. I have been a Haslemere town councillor since 2019, serving since 2022 as chair of the planning committee.

Haslemere West:

Tom Bridge (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Stephen Fry (Conservative):

No profile submitted

Jacqueline Keen (Lib Dem):

I have lived in Haslemere all my life, working as a nurse for 35 years, including at Milford Hospital where I was on the League of Friends for 16 years. 

I would be delighted to be re-elected to Waverley to continue working for Haslemere. I sit on the landlord board, along with members of the tenants panel, where it’s great to help with tenants’ needs and home improvements. 

I also enjoy volunteering with the penny halfpenny trust and Haslewey. If re-elected I shall continue to fight for better provision particularly for young people and will continue supporting and helping residents.

John Robini (Lib Dem):

I have always been interested in community affairs and worked for Surrey Police for 43 years leading partnership projects, and crime reduction. I was elected to Waverley from 2003 to 2007 and, again, since 2019. 

I sit on several committtees, including as chair of standards, and vice-chair of planning. I am especially passionate about providing social and affordable housing, prioritising building on brownfield sites, and listening to local views. 

I support the ‘green emergency’, as we need to change our way of life to protect the future.

Toby Westcott-White (Labour):

I was raised in Haslemere and would be honoured to have the opportunity to represent the people of Haslemere West. 

I have seen first-hand how Conservative austerity has harmed our public services. My priorities are ensuring a supply of good quality, genuinely affordable housing for young people and delivering the good public services residents need. I will be a strong radical voice for the people of Haslemere West.

You have two votes for Waverley Borough and five votes for Haslemere Town Council. Please cast one of your votes for me on each ballot paper. 

Hindhead & Beacon Hill:

Malcolm Carter (Conservative):

Malcolm and his wife have lived in Beacon Hill for 21 years. He has three adult children and one large dog. 

He was a town councillor until 2019 and Mayor in 2017/18. 

He is a governor of Woolmer Hill and St Edmunds schools and a volunteer with Three Counties Money advice, providing debt support advice across Hindhead, Beacon Hill and Haslemere.

Jerome Davidson (Lib Dem):

Living in Hindhead for 30 years, I retired nine years ago to devote more time to my interests in education (as a governor now of Beacon Hill and previously of Woolmer Hill school) and local charities. I was elected to Waverley in 2019. 

Development is inevitable and I am concerned that Hindhead evolves appropriately with adequate facilities to support our community. 

I will work to halt the conversion to dwellings of our shops, restaurants, sports and social facilities that are so vital to support our community; additional protection for Beacon Hill was recently implemented but continued vigilance is essential.

Ged Hall (Conservative):

Ged lives in Hindhead with his wife and three children. His priorities are sports facilities and local services.

 As a volunteer he spends a lot of time in the community at the Woolmer Hill Sports Ground, the Haslemere Community Rugby Club and is a Trustee of the Haslemere Youth Hub. 

As a former Waverley councillor Ged is experienced in how to get things done for residents.

Julian Spence (Lib Dem):

I went to school in Hindhead and for 25 years have lived in Churt with my wife and two children.

 Recently retired from a career in risk management and insurance, I was grateful to be elected to Waverley last year. 

I am passionate about keeping Hindhead and Beacon Hill places of which we can all be proud and enjoyed launching a personal ‘Clean-up Hindhead’ initiative reporting potholes, actioning water leaks, overgrown vegetation, broken signs and abandoned vehicles. I am pleased this has already resulted in some improvements. I would be delighted to be re-elected to carry on working for you.

Western Commons:

David Munro (Independent):

Keeping the council out of destructive party politics, protecting Western Commons ward’s rural way of life, and helping residents with their problems have been my ambitions since I was elected as a true Independent a year ago, and will stay as my guiding principles if re-elected.

People have told me their concerns include the management of our threatened heathland areas, threats of harmful development, and noisy aircraft.  

I’ll work with councillor colleagues, other local organisations - and above all residents themselves - to improve life in this beautiful part of Waverley. I’ll also keep lobbying the county council to sort out our roads!

Nabeel Nasir (Conservative):

Nabeel has lived in Waverley for many years and is a businessman. 

He is a dedicated and proactive member of the local community, working with local charities to raise donations and to help with great causes. 

He engages in many activities to enhance the local area, such as helping with street cleaning.

Susan Ryland (Green):

I have lived in the area all my adult life. I am a university lecturer, artist and researcher in the creative industries and a co-director of COPSE - a vibrant community orchards not-for-profit initiative creating social green spaces for wellbeing and biodiversity. 

I am committed to a holistic approach to ‘‘true sustainability’’ throughout the council’s activities, promoting local renewable energy schemes, enhancing biodiversity, and protecting our environment from water, air and noise pollution. 

I will promote resilient, mixed communities that meet local needs with genuinely affordable homes, social housing and small business spaces that will enable all residents to flourish.

James Staunton (Conservative):

James grew up in Surrey and has lived in Waverley since 2012. After university, he joined PWC; he now manages his own communications consultancy. 

His wife is training to be a teacher while his two children, Harriet and Charles, attend South Farnham school. In his spare time, James runs — and ferries his children across the borough.

Witley & Milford (three seats):

Mark Bray-Parry (Green):

I have lived in the area since attending the University of Surrey, initially in Guildford but later in Wormley and Godalming. I would be proud to represent residents’ interests at Waverley Borough Council.

As a healthcare scientist, I hope to use my background to improve residents’ access to quality primary healthcare services, particularly as services have become stretched in recent years. 

I will also support plans to take control of early years training and introduce a community shuttle bus service, both of which should improve residents’ access to key services.

Maxine Gale (Independent):

I was born and raised in Witley and Milford and have represented Milford as an Independent ward councillor for the past three years. 

If I am successfully re-elected to represent the Witley and Milford Ward, I will continue to engage with residents and support them to ensure better results for any new housing, protect our commons, open spaces and environment. 

I will listen to residents when they raise concerns about local issues which affect them and help to find solutions.  

As an Independent I am free to support positive initiatives for the benefit of our community.

Gary Hudson (Conservative):

Myself, my wife and my four children have lived in Milford all our lives. Communities are so important, affordable housing is key to keeping families together and I will fight to ensure developers fix local problems! 

Milford Pumas need a home, I want developers to pay for it, supporting our young people. I am fighting against the planned merger with Guildford as I don’t believe it’s in our best interests.

Andrew Law (Lib Dem):

I was born and grew up in Edinburgh. I lived in Manchester for most of my student days, before moving to Surrey when I got my first job. 

I have lived and worked in Godalming for over 20 years. My place of work has been in Waverley for all that time. I am a co-owner of my place of work. I have a degree in Physics, also a Master’s degree in Instrumentation, and a PhD in analysis of measurement data. 

I joined the Liberal Democrats in 2015. I have kept an active interest in local politics since then.

Trevor Sadler (Conservative):

I was born in Milford Lodge, I went to Milford then Rodborough School. 

After raising my three children, locally in Witley, I became one of your local councillors in 2019. I have been delighted to help local residents with issues such as anti-social behaviour, planning, bins and parking.

I have always stood up for our area, supporting the best outcome for our villages.

Phoebe Sullivan (Conservative):

I have lived locally all my life and am passionate about keeping our area a special place to live – especially for younger people. 

I’m standing to be a new voice in protecting our environment and improving local services. 

I’m a Royal Navy Reservist, I volunteer at All Saints Witley, help to maintain the local book swap phone boxes and play stoolball for a local team.


There is less than one week to go until polling day on Thursday, May 4 – when registered electors will have the chance to vote for their chosen representatives for the next four years.

Polling day will take place from 7am to 10pm on May 4 – with voters’ poll cards received through the post informing them where their designated polling station is.

At the polling station, for the first time voters will need to show photo ID to vote. A list of accepted ID documents can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/how-to-vote/photo-id-youll-need

They will then be given a ballot paper, which they will need to mark with an X in the box next to their preferred candidate(s).

Anyone who has registered for a postal vote and hasn’t returned their ballot card, can still vote at their designated polling station.

After the polls close at 10pm on May 4, the ballot boxes are taken to a counting hall where they are opened and the votes are counted. 

The results are then announced publicly, by the borough or district council – and on the Herald and Post websites.