FARNHAM Neighbourhood Plan was once again on the agenda at the most recent Farnham Town Council meeting, after news broke that it was to face another examination and referendum.

Speaking to a packed house at the town council on June 27, council leader John Neale explained they had to revise the neighbourhood plan due to “extra numbers being placed upon us after the initial plan was made a year or so ago”.

The council resubmitted a revised version for examination, but the inspector decided modifications to the draft plan include material modifications which do change the nature of the plan.

Mr Neale added: “Not only that, but after we produced the revised version the government came along and introduced new guidelines.”

Changes to the Government Planning Practice Guidance came in on May 9, after the council had presented its revision.

“They could give us a transition period but chose not to,” Mr Neale said.

He continued it is “slightly unfortunate” as it requires “extra work” and there is “quite a bit of expenditure involved to run a referendum”.

The town council is now assessing details of the new guidelines, before resubmitting a revised version for examination and holding a referendum, although a date for this is yet to be given.

Farnham Residents councillor David Beaman said it was a “disappointment” and suggested sending a “strong letter to the government”.

He said: “I have given my whole support to the neighbourhood plan and will continue to do so.

“But I have to say, the people of Farnham are getting very angry about all this.”

More than 10,000 town residents voted in support of the town plan at its first referendum.

But, last week Carole Cockburn, town councillor for The Bourne and former leader of the council, raised concerns it “will not be easy to repeat the success”.